Get creative with food photography
Food photography is more than just taking a quick snap. Careful consideration goes into every shot, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow a set of rules. Like many other photographic subjects, food photography provides the perfect opportunity for you to get creative.
A great starting point is to think about things such as colours and textures. Create a layout of various foods of the same colour, or go bold by mixing up colours to create a pattern. With this idea, you can try out a minimalistic approach by using one or two food items or fill the frame entirely!
Getting up close is another creative technique that’s great for food photography. By focusing in on a subject you can capture intricate details and reveal something about it that may not be obvious. Try slicing a piece of fruit or a vegetable and then photographing the inside – you might just be surprised at the detail that you reveal! Lenses such as the XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro and XF60mmF2.4 R Macro are perfect for close up photography as they allow you to focus in super close. Couple either of these lenses with the FUJIFILM X-T100 and you can take advantage of the touch rear LCD screen which allows for simple and easy operation - just tap to focus on your desired area. You can even adjust the focus point after taking the shot with the 4K Multi-Focus feature.
If you’re feeling even more creative, add elements of movement within your shot like sprinkling decorations onto a cake or a dusting of icing sugar. Ideally, get a friend to do the sprinkling while you control the camera, but if this isn’t an option you can mount your camera on a tripod and set a self-timer or use the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app to control the camera via your smartphone. To capture movement you’ll need to set a fast shutter speed, we’d suggest trying 1/250 sec (to change the shutter speed on the X-T100, switch the mode dial to S). Start sprinkling and then take your shot to capture the falling sugar – you may find this takes a little bit of trial and error and you may need to adjust the shutter speed or the speed at which you sprinkle.
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Utilising unique colour science technology developed over the past 80 years and the largest system of dedicated APS-C lenses, the FUJIFILM X Series helps you to spend more time shooting and less time fixing your images afterwards.

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