Top 5 hacks for shooting tasty food photography at home
1. Use natural light
Where possible, use natural lighting as this provides a soft, simple look to your images. If you have a large window or patio door try to shoot in an area close by so that more light reaches your set-up. If you find that there are a few unwanted shadows in your shots you can use a piece of white card as a reflector; simply position the card opposite where the light is coming from to bounce the light towards your subject. If it’s a nice day you could try experimenting by setting up your shots in the garden, thanks to the compact size and light weight of the FUJIFILM X-T100 you can easily move location for different shooting set ups.
2. Create fake steam
To make your food look as if it’s still hot, soak cotton wool in boiled water and hide it behind your dish or within a bowl so that it’s not seen in the shot. The steam created will make it look as if your food is fresh from the oven.
3. Use a water-spray bottle
If you want to make ingredients look fresh and as if they’ve just been washed, a water-spray bottle will do just the trick without you having to make a mess. Fill a bottle with water and spray the food away from your set-up (so you don’t get anything else wet) and your food will look deliciously fresh and clean.
4. Stick it
Some ingredients may not sit as you want them to, so use sticky tack or double-sided sticky tape to help keep things in place. You could even thread cocktail sticks through soft items to keep them in position. Alternatively, try using a sticky syrup mix of sugar and water. Just remember to make sure that anything you use is hidden from view!
5. Consider backgrounds
You don’t need to splash out on fancy backgrounds to create your own food photography studio. Kitchen tables and textured woods make great backgrounds, but you can also use picnic blankets and even coloured and patterned pieces of card or paper.
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