How to plan a fashion shoot in 6 easy steps
1. Create a mood board
The first part of any photo shoot is to think about the style and theme. Are you going for something edgy, bold and colourful or pretty pastels? Whatever your theme, it’s good to create a mood board to be used for reference and help your creativity flow during the shoot. Websites such as Pinterest are great for searching and collating ideas, or you could cut and stick inspirational images from your favourite magazines into a notebook. Don’t forget to consider things such as clothing, hair, make-up and poses, as these will help you and your team to create your vision.
2. Find a team
When searching for a creative team consider who you will need. A model is essential but you may also need a make-up artist, hair stylist and a fashion stylist (if your model won’t be using their own clothing). Websites such as Model Mayhem or Purpleport allow you to set up a free account and search for creatives to work with. Alternatively, you could search and post casting calls via your social media channels or contact modelling agencies. If you’re just starting out and can’t afford to pay your team, ask if people are willing to work TF (Time For); this means they will offer their time on the shoot in exchange for images from you for their own portfolios.
3. Find a location
You may be thinking about hiring a studio for your shoot but if you’re planning to shoot on location it’s a good idea to visit your preferred area in advance. This allows you to scope out specific sites for your shoot but also to look out for any hazards - it’s also worth keeping an eye out for sheltered places in case it rains! If you can, take a camera with you and take shots of your favoured areas, this will help you plan out your shots on the day.
4. Create a call sheet and contract
A call sheet is a handy document that includes useful information about the shoot such as the location, your contact details and also a schedule – for example 9am arrival, 9:30am make-up and so on. This can be sent out to your team along with a contract and a model release form which features the terms of the shoot, i.e. that the model will be giving their time in exchange for an agreed number of photographs for their portfolio.
5. Pack your kit
Now everything is all in place, one of the most important things to do is charge your batteries and pack your kit! Consider what lenses you may want to use and remember to pack handy accessories such as lens cloths. And don’t forget to take food and water!
6. Reminders
If you haven’t met or spoken to your team on the phone yet, then a quick call the day before your shoot helps put everyone at ease and gives you one last chance to check over the details and ensure everyone has everything they need.
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