Up your vlogging game in 5 easy steps
1. Consider your setting
If you’re going to be talking to camera and recording in a single location make sure that the background behind you is clean and uncluttered, as lots going on behind you can be distracting to those watching. The same goes for when shooting outside; consider what’s behind you when setting up and try to make sure that passers-by won’t accidentally appear in your video. It’s also a good idea to look at what else is around to see if you can record any interesting scenes, buildings and landscapes which you can cut into you video.
2. Focus on lighting
As important as it is for photography, lighting is also at the top of the list for shooting video. Natural light, where possible, is one of the best options so shooting near a window is a good plan. If you find the light is too bright then you can soften it by using a net curtain or even place tissue paper over your window. For times when natural light isn’t an option, like when you’re shooting on a dull day or at night, look around for different light sources that are available to you such as street lamps. Or you could invest in some LED light panels, some of which come in pocketable sizes and can even attach to the top of the camera via its hotshoe mount.
3. Film with ease
Mount your camera to a tripod and flip out the screen so you can see yourself as you film, or for intuitive filming connect your Fujifilm camera to the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app via Wi-Fi to remotely record yourself. This means that you can control the camera settings from your phone without having to keep getting up and physically changing them on the camera.
4. Try creative filters
Give your videos a creative edge and cinematic feel by using built-in camera filters. The X-T100 features a variety of Film Simulation modes that can be added to your footage to give an original or more filmic feel to your videos.
5. Get great sound
The FUJIFILM X-T100 features a built-in microphone so you can record sound with your videos, but it’s also got a Mic in socket allowing you to attach an external microphone. Using an external microphone like the FUJIFILM MIC-ST1 means you can attach it to the hot shoe of your camera and connect the lead to the Mic in for improved sound quality such as added protection from wind noise.
Share your world with Fujifilm
Utilising unique colour science technology developed over the past 80 years and the largest system of dedicated APS-C lenses, the FUJIFILM X Series helps you to spend more time shooting and less time fixing your images afterwards.

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