Top 5 tips for epic landscape photography
1. Ensure the horizon is straight
This tip may seem obvious, but a horizon that’s not level has the power to make a landscape image of even the most breath-taking vista look unprofessional. Thankfully, the FUJIFILM X-T100’s electronic level makes ensuring it’s straight an extremely simple process, just activate this tool in the camera’s Custom Display menu.
2. Keep things clutter free
When it comes to landscapes, less is often more. Random branches and bushes pushing into your frame can be a distraction, detracting the viewer from what you want them to see. Try to focus on one aspect of a scene, like a solitary tree or mountain, and make it your focal point rather than trying to show everything that you can see with your eyes.
3. Use the rule of thirds
Imagine your image is split into a grid by two horizontal and two vertical lines, spaced evenly apart to create nine same-size ‘boxes’. By placing key levels of the landscape, be that the horizon, a distant mountain or the sky along the horizontal lines, and key points of interest, like a lighthouse, at the points where they intersect, you’ll produce a striking composition. To help you compose your landscape, you can activate a rule-of-thirds grid in the X-T100’s viewfinder and on the rear LCD screen.
4. Experiment with angles
Most people are used to taking images from eye level, but this isn’t always the most effective height from which to capture your landscapes. By getting down closer to your foreground, you can dramatically increase the impression of depth within your scene, and capture a more creative shot. This technique also works particularly well if there are reflections in a lake as you will be able to capture the landscaped mirrored in the water.
5. Try using longer shutter speeds
On bright days your camera may automatically select a fast shutter speed in its automatic or aperture-priority shooting modes. This will ensure the shot is sharp, but will also produce a scene that seems fairly static. By placing your camera on a tripod and using a much slower shutter speed, try 15 seconds, moving elements of a landscape such as waterfalls, waves and clouds will be emphasised, and have a softer and more attractive blurred look.
Share your world with Fujifilm
Utilising unique colour science technology developed over the past 80 years and the largest system of dedicated APS-C lenses, the FUJIFILM X Series helps you to spend more time shooting and less time fixing your images afterwards.

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