6 photos you need to take on your next travel adventure
1. The candid street snap
If you’re exploring a new place and discovering a new culture, photographic subjects will be everywhere. But if you want images that look natural and not ‘touristy’ or posed, then taking a candid approach to your photography can often lead to the best results. Try taking photos of locals going about their day without drawing their attention. The FUJIFILM X-T100’s tilting LCD screen is perfect for this, as it allows you to compose your image from waist height and capture it by simply tapping the screen.
2. The arty architectural shot
As you tread the streets, remember to look out for dynamic angles formed by the buildings around you and their graphic shapes and lines. Scenes with strong areas of contrast in colour or lighting, or recurring structural patterns produce striking compositions. The roof of that dull grey train station set against a bright blue sky just might become a stylish minimalist image.
3. The local portrait
What makes a place? The people. If you meet someone interesting from the area you’re visiting and share a friendly conversation, why not ask them for a portrait before saying goodbye? Use a wide aperture such as F2.8 or F4 to produce shallow depth-of-field in your image, as this will give it that professional looking blurred background.
4. The foodie still life
Every region and culture has its own food identity with dishes synonymous to it, be it pizza in Italy or paella in Spain. Encapsulating the local dishes and snacks you enjoy in your photos is a great way of documenting your travel experiences. If you’ve purchased a tasty treat and can resist taking a bite for a moment, you have an ideal subject. Lay it carefully on a clean surface and remove all other distractions from the area. A top-down composition often works well, while a lens such as the XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro will enable you to get super close for a frame-filling image.
5. The night-time cityscape
After a busy day exploring, it may be tempting to return to your accommodation after the sun has set, but this is the perfect time to grab spectacular night-time images. Illuminated by glowing lights, the atmosphere of a place can magically transform, and its cityscape will come alive. Look for reflections of light in rivers and puddles for evocative captures, or consider using longer exposure times, such as a 10 second shutter speed, for streaky traffic trails produced by moving vehicles.
6. The selfie
Don’t forget yourself! You may have spent your adventure capturing a series of images worthy of the finest travel guide, but if you can’t prove you were there too, how do your followers know the shots are yours? With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in, the X-T100 makes remote triggering super easy. Place it on a wall, jump into the frame, and activate the camera’s shutter from your smartphone for that perfect selfie, or use the three-way tilt screen to put yourself in the frame when shooting hand-held.
Share your world with Fujifilm
Utilising unique colour science technology developed over the past 80 years and the largest system of dedicated APS-C lenses, the FUJIFILM X Series helps you to spend more time shooting and less time fixing your images afterwards.

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