50% off Lovegrove photo training videos

Professional photographer and trainer Damien Lovegrove is offering 50% savings on a range of his training videos. Covering a wide range of subjects and techniques, the videos can be downloaded from his website. For more details, take a look at the official press release below:

50% off Damien Lovegrove photography training videos!

Don't miss this limited time chance to download training videos from one of the most respected and well known UK photographers - Damien Lovegrove.

Good photographers never stop looking for opportunities to improve their core skills and learn advanced techniques. Damien Lovegrove's training videos cover some of photography's most challenging aspects in an easy to understand and entertaining way, providing you with top insider tips, knowledge and expertise. Whether you’re new to photography or a seasoned shooter, Damien's relaxed style will inspire you to take better photos.

The videos available in this offer cover everything from getting the most from natural light portraits to lighting winter weddings. Damien takes you through 80 minute masterclasses in how to make your photographic concepts a reality. Damien’s lightroom tutorial will give your images that extra punch, and his advanced portrait lighting techniques set the standard for even the most experienced of photographers. These videos provide a definitive collection of photography training tools. And with a massive 50% off, there has never been a better time to sharpen your photography know-how. Offers available until February 28th 2015. Add the video to your basket and apply the coupon code lovebright before Final Checkout.

NEW Illumination II Urban Portraits (Due for release Mid December 2014) Normal price £80. Offer price £40 Shooting striking portraits in the city using natural light and speedlights.

Illumination Normal price £65. Offer price £32.50 A masterclass in lighting portraits on location using speedlights, big flash and natural light.

Concept To Print Normal price £18. Offer price £9.00 Learn to light, shoot, edit and print all in one 80 minute HD Lovegrove presentation.

The Big Day - The Lovegrove Way Normal price £50. Offer price £25.00 Follow Damien and Julie Lovegrove as they photograph a ‘real’ wedding.

Lighting Winter Weddings Normal price £30.00. Offer price £15.00 Video tutorial helping you rid your fear of shooting a wedding on a gloomy winters day.

Hollywood Portraits Remastered Normal price £65. Offer price £32.50 Learn how to give your subjects like a classical cinematic master.

Basic Picture Enhancement using Adobe Lightroom Normal price £17.95. Offer price £8.97 Nearly one and half hours of full HD Lovegrove Training Video. Ideal for beginner and intermediate level Lightroom users.

Advanced Lighting and Composition in Portraits Normal price £12. Offer price £6.00 A masterclass talk by Damien Lovegrove. Originally presented at the 2013 SWPP (Society for Wedding and Portrait Photographers) convention.

Photographing Couples Normal price £40. Offer price £20 Learn how to direct and capture those moments of love, fun and happiness that your clients will want to treasure forever.

Simply Boudoir Normal price £65. Offer price £32.50 Damien promises to deliver the essential technical skills you need to create intimate portraiture for your clients.

Lighting Studio Portraits Normal price £65. Offer price £32.50 Over 3 hours of training inspiration and teaching. The ultimate guide to studio portraiture.

Speedlight Mastery Normal price £65. Offer price £32.50 Learn to master TTL speedlights with this inspirational tutorial.

Using Flash on Location Normal price £20. Offer price £10 Damien explains the basic principles of flash photography.

Using Natural Light on Location Normal price £20. Offer price £10 Damien show you how to create beautiful portraiture using only the available ambient light.

The Lupolus Video Collection Normal price £40. Offer price £20 10 chapters handpicked from previous video titles that showcase how Damien uses Lupolux spotlights.

The Lovegrove Video Collection including Illumination 1 Normal price £625. Offer price £312.50 10 Lovegrove titles including 18 hours of training in one ultimate download package.

About Damien Lovegrove

Damien Lovegrove is a renowned photographer and lighting guru. He specialises in portrait and beauty photography and teaches professional photographers his craft across the world. “I’m inspired by beauty and as I have matured as a photographer I’ve learned to see beauty in just about everyone and everywhere. It’s not what I look at that matters to me, it is what I see." For full details of photographic and lighting supplies, training, porfolios and inspiration visit: http://www.lovegroveconsulting.com/ . For further about a spectacular 12 day photographic holiday tour of Cambodia with Damien Lovegrove please visit: http://www.passionphotographyexperience.com/the_experiences/cambodia_with_love.aspx