Kodak Film App now available on Android

Kodak has announced that its free Film App is now available on Android and iPad, with an updated version for iOS 9.x for iPhones. The App offers handy information on the type of film available, recommends the best film for different shooting situations and offers more useful information. Read the official Kodak press release below for the full details:

Hear Ye, All Film Photographers

Over the years, our team has met and worked with incredibly talented photographers who have an unbridled passion for film. Each has a personal reason for working with film: the unmatched look and feel that differentiate themselves in the market, the experience, the richness. Contained within their passion is a curiosity and an unquestionable commitment: KODAK PROFESSIONAL roll film sales - both colour negative and black & white film – grew more than 5% worldwide from 2013-2015.  
For recent devotees and seasoned veterans alike, we created the free KODAK PROFESSIONAL Film App to feed into that curiosity with the answers to often-asked questions -- What kind of film should I use for fast action? Where can I buy KODAK PROFESSIONAL Films such as TRI-X (and PORTRA, T-MAX, EKTAR)? Where can I get my film developed?
First introduced on the APPLE iOS platform for iPhones, we’re excited to now bring the same experience to iPad and ANDROID users, plus an updated version to support iOS 9.x for iPhones.

Noteworthy capabilities of our app include:
·  Film types—get a recommendation on the best types of film to use in different settings
·  Film formats—learn about different formats, and those you can get with KODAK PROFESSIONAL Films
·  Where to Buy Film - Updated/improved retailer location services
        ·Individual retailer location search options for buying and processing film (colour/bw)
        ·Search radius of up to 200 miles (switches between miles/Kilometers)
·  Where to Process Film -- find a developer for your film
·  Sun calculator – sunrise/sunset times in countries around the world
·  Home B&W Darkroom Tools – all you need to know about at-home darkroom processing 

In each section, we share inspiring examples of each type of photography. You’ll see what can be done with our films and what others have done with them.

For ANDROID users, the app is now available in the GOOGLE PLAY Store. For iOS devices, download the new version for iPad and the updated iPhone version in the APPLE App store. Once you download and work with the App, let us know what you think. No matter what smartphone photographers carry in their pocket, we hope our app helps you explore, experiment, and create beautiful work with KODAK PROFESSIONAL Film.