Interfit introduces heat-resistant softboxes

Interfit has introduced a new line of professional softboxes made from heat-resistant polyester. With 13 new models sizes range from a 24” square up to an 84” octabox. Prices start from £85.99 up to £244.99 and are available to purchase now. For the full details read the official Interfit press release below:

Interfit Announces New Line of Heat-Resistant, Professional Softboxes

Interfit is proud to announce the release of a new line of professional heat-resistant softboxes that provide the best value to both working professionals and hobbyists

Interfit’s main objective as a company is to develop and market quality products that are relevant to all photographers, delivering high performance at compelling price points. Our new line of softboxes reflects this objective. We have combined all of the features that the top-level professionals require in a softbox and brought them to market at a price that all photographers can afford. Every softbox in the line features heat-resistant materials, UV-Coated diffusers and honeycomb grids. It is the only line of softboxes to offer all of these features in one complete package.

Durable, Heat-Resistant Material:

Every Interfit Professional Softbox is made from heat-resistant polyester, rather than the thin nylon, which is commonly used in low-quality softboxes. This heat-resistant material is rated at 1000-Watts, allowing photographers to use their softbox with virtually any strobe or continuous light source. This thicker material also results in increased durability. Thinner materials wear out quickly and start to sag as a result of repetitive setups and tear downs. Interfit Professional Softboxes will hold their shape and rigidity through years of use.

UV-Coated Diffusers:

Both the inner and outer diffusers on every Interfit Professional Softbox are treated with a specialised UV-coating. This coating eliminates magenta color-cast (common with low cost, low quality softboxes) and helps prolong the life of the diffusers. When using softboxes with hot lights, such as tungsten, non-UV-coated diffusers will turn yellow, brittle and eventually breakdown and crumble. Our diffusers hold the same 1000-Watt rating as the softboxes themselves and will not breakdown when used with high-heat light sources.

Included Honeycomb Grids:

Honeycomb grids (also known as egg crates or soft grids) are an invaluable tool for any photographer using a softbox. They reduce light spill, creating a very soft, directional light with dramatic fall-off. Yet most manufacturers sell them separately and charge photographers nearly as much, if not more, than the softbox itself. Every Interfit Professional Softbox includes a honeycomb grid at no additional cost. This gives photographers immense control over their light, without requiring them to make expensive additional purchases.

Shapes and Sizes:

There are 13 new Interfit Professional Softboxes to choose from, ranging from a 24” square up to an 84” octabox. Different options are required for different styles of photography and to achieve different looks. Our wide range of softboxes provide lighting solutions for virtually every scenario.


All new softboxes are now available from the Interfit Photographic website and will be coming soon to our network of UK and European dealers.

All Interfit Professional Softboxes include:

1 – Heat-resistant softbox body

1 – UV-Coated inner diffuser

1 – UV-Coated outer diffuser

1 – 40º Honeycomb grid

4-8 – Steel rods

1 – Ballistic nylon carry bag

*speed ring required; sold separately

SBSQ2 60cm (24”) Square £85.99

SBSQ3 90cm (36”) Square £119.99

SBRE2 40x60cm (16x24”) Rectangle £79.99

SBRE3 60x90cm (24x36”) Rectangle £114.99

SBRE4 90x120cm (36x48”) Rectangle £149.99

SBRE6 120x180cm (48x72”) Rectangle £224.99

SBST3 30x90cm (12x36”) Strip £85.99

SBST4 30x120cm (12x48”) Strip £99.99

SBST6 30x180cm (12x72”) Strip £129.99

SBOC3 90cm (36”) Octagon £119.99

SBOC4 120cm (48”) Octagon £134.99

SBOC5 150cm (60”) Octagon £189.99

SBOC7 200cm (79") Octabox with Grid £244.99

For more information visit the official Interfit website.