Broncolor introduces the Siros L

Broncolor, world renowned for its top quality, studio equipment has added a battery powered monobloc unit to its range. The Siros L (L stands for lithium) is available in 400 or 800w/s output options. Both have an identical feature set, with the only difference being that the 800 version is physically slightly longer.

Key selling points of Siros L are very brief flash durations as short as 1/19,000sec in Speed mode, constant colour temperature output in normal use and even light spread in different modifiers thanks to the design and positioning of the flash tube.

Output is manual only, controllable from 10 (full power) to 2 (2 or 4w/s depending on the model) in 1/10 f/stops with, as already mentioned, consistent colour temperature even at the lowest setting. The rechargeable battery gives an impressive 440 full output flashes and this increases significantly if lower output settings are applied.

Prices start from £1818 for the Siros L 400 with RFS2.1 trigger and bag - the same kit but with the 800 head is £2106. A two unit Outdoor Kit costs £3594 for the 400 and £4194 with 800 heads.

For more information visit the Broncolor website.