Elinchrom upgrades Ranger Quadra

Elinchrom has updated its Ranger Quadra portable flash system with the new ELB 400. The unit is now more powerful, recycles faster and has added extra functions such as strobo and sequence shooting. Up to 350 flashes are possible from a single charge. For full details, take a look at the official Elinchrom press release below:

Elinchrom announces the most portable, compact and versatile outdoor flash unit, the ELB 400

Ever since Elinchrom launched the Ranger Quadra, the first portable studio flash system in 2009, demand has grown for portable and truly versatile solutions to enable photographers to use flash outdoors, where their creativity is endless. This year the ELB 400 is going a step further, taking the whole system to a higher level of creativity.

Enhanced with the intuitive Elinchrom OLED display, the ELB 400 now offers the same special features of the ELC Pro HD series such as strobo, delay and sequence mode. Outdoor creativity has just been redefined!

On the move, size is everything. Quadra heads are smaller, lighter and way more powerful than traditional speedlites. Tristan Shu, a French Sport photographer speaks from his own experience : “Having enough power while being at the bottom of a snow crevasse at -10°C under several meters of snow to take pictures of ski riders jumping above me was something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. The compactness of the ELB 400 system made them the perfect tool for the task, I was able to set these powerful lights in places where bigger lights wouldn’t have fit - and would have been such a logistic nightmare to carry over. The ELB 400 is so reliable, one less problem to solve, it makes my day so much easier!“.

Versatility is commonly a misused word. More than just a portable studio flash solution, the ELB 400 invites you to adventure, travelling and playing. Wherever your beginning in photography, shooting sport, reportage or even studio photography, the ELB 400 is a real creative tool for every photographer.

Compatibility with all previous Quadra batteries, cables, heads and accessories is guaranteed. The whole Elinchrom range of accessories is compatible using the Quadra Reflector Adapter.

The ELB 400 will be available this spring in 4 set configurations. The one head To Go set includes one ELB 400 with one higher capacity Lithium-Ion battery, one Quadra head and one Skyport Speed Transmitter, while the two head To Go set includes one ELB 400 with two higher capacity Litium- Ion batteries, two Quadra heads and one Skyport Speed Transmitter. Both To Go sets are available in Pro or Action configurations.

ELB 400 Key Features

- 20% faster recycling than the Quadra Hybrid

- Increased power range now 7- 424Ws

- Improved battery capacity, 350 full power flashes from one charge

- New OLED display with intuitive control

- New flash modes; Strobo, Sequence and Delayed

- Battery Rescue Feature, restore your discharged Lithium-ion batteries

- Enhanced rugged design

- 20w LED modelling lamp (continuous option)

- The most compact and versatile range of portable accessories, a new adapter accepts the whole Elinchrom accessories system

- All kits now include the Skyport radio trigger system.

Available with a choice of two heads and a Ringflash. The Quadra Action head provides the best flash duration for freezing motion. The Quadra Pro head offers a higher guide number and can easily be used in conjunction with HyperSync triggers.

Prices (inc VAT)

To see more about the ELB 400, take a look at Elinchrom's YouTube channel

ELB 400 Pack £869
ELB 400 Pack with Li-Ion Battery and Charger £1169
Quadra Action Head £345
Quadra Pro Head £315
ELB 400 1 Action Head To Go Set £1439
ELB 400 1 Pro Head To Go Set £1409
ELB 400 2 Action Head To Go Set £2039
ELB 400 2 Pro Head To Go Set £1979
ELB 400 Action Twin Pack Set £2875
ELB 400 Pro Head Twin Set £2815