Training byLumiere school launched

Run by Kate Hopewell-Smith and her partner Brent Kirkman Training byLumiere is a six-month foundation programme aimed at helping photographers to build and develop a profitable business. The course modules include Light, Composition, Photographic Principles, Business Foundations, Marketing and more. There is a limit of nine spaces available for the first course, which begins September 2017 and is priced at £7995, which can be spread across the six months. 

For more information read the official press release below:

Kate Hopewell-Smith & partner Brent Kirkman launch Training byLumiere – a brand new photography training school set to change photography training forever  

‘Together, we have created the photography training programme that I wish had been available when I started my career.’  Kate Hopewell-Smith.

Lifestyle photographer Kate Hopewell-Smith and her partner Brent Kirkman, have launched a brand new photography training school – Training byLumiere – proving that there is an authentic, real and current way to become a successful, profitable, professional photographer, in any chosen genre.

Training byLumiere has been crafted from a set of strong values and a desire to provide relevant and supportive mentoring and training.  Workshops are designed to fill knowledge gaps for photographers, in order to take their photography businesses to the next level. 

Kate & Brent have created a brand new 6-month Foundation Programme, plus a range of workshops throughout the year.  

In addition, with Brent’s experience as a pilot and filmmaker – Training byLumiere adds filming and aerial work (including drones) to the training portfolio – enabling photographers a robust creative and business offering, whatever their chosen genre.

‘Of course, we want everyone to share the joy of photography and we welcome students of all abilities onto our workshops – and we cater for all.   But our Foundation Programme is designed for those committed to building and growing a full time, profitable photography business,’ said Kate.

‘For many, this will mean a life-changing second career (as it was for me) – and requires a significant commitment to ensure that we help students create a professional, profitable and sustainable business to be proud of.’

Kate started her own photography business in 2010 after a career in marketing and branding - and has since hosted photography training within the industry for the last 5 years. She was recognised as a Nikon Ambassador (2014-2016) for her lifestyle photography and has the support and recognition of the photographic industry.  

‘Feedback so far has been amazing- both from students and trade partners – it’s time the training world embraced the reality of starting and maintaining a photography business in the current climate – and how to take that forward as a long term career.

‘We aim to deliver far, far more than ‘just’ beautiful, technically proficient images – but of course that’s right up there too!’

Most of the photographic industry is very aware of Kate and her lifestyle photography, her training abiity and infectious passion for the industry – add to that mix the entrepreneurial spirit of Brent Kirkman, a qualified pilot and experienced filmmaker and it takes the Training byLumiere proposition to new heights – quite literally.

Check out some of Brent’s recent aerial footage here.

Kate added, ‘Brent and I have known each other for 11 years and it was Brent who originally got me into photography.  After reading one of his photography magazines, I remember saying that having just one image published would ‘make my life’.  Just a few years later I was writing a column for that very magazine. 

‘Brent, while hugely successful in an IT career, was a frustrated creative!  He’s the ‘Big Ideas’ man - and crucially, the detail guy too.  Not only does he create amazing video and aerial work – he’s also the expert on business infrastructure, workflow and back up systems - elements absolutely critical to running a successful business.

‘Brent’s skills ensure that we share with our students a unique and empowering business offering – that no one else in this industry offers.  Our students don’t have to focus on wedding and lifestyle photography to make a living – the business skills they learn from Training byLumiere are relevant to any genre – enabling them to follow their own dreams in a pure and authentic way.

‘One of our first Foundation Programme students who is just about to graduate, specialises in Fine Art photography and we’re hugely proud of how she’s taken all that Training byLumiere offers and is already applying that to her business.’

Walking the Walk

‘One thing that is unique about Training byLumiere is that the training business is driven by the photographic heartbeat of our own team.  We hope our passion and real life experience emanates throughout everything we teach and share – enabling our students to thrive and succeed quickly, while delivering the skills needed to ensure longevity for their business ventures,’ added Kate.

‘Underpinning all that we do in our own business, is Becky Foote – and Becky is also part of the core training team for business skills. Becky studied law at university and then went on to do a postgraduate certificate in management and she drives us – and our students – forward.’

 We’re not just talking about it – we’re doing it – in every aspect, every day.

The Foundation Programme - Who is it for?

‘The foundation programme has a selective intake policy – with limited places each year, only those who show the necessary commitment, imagination and dedication will be able to join. You don’t have to be a brilliant photographer yet – but we want to be able to spot the raw talent and fledgling skills needed to succeed. We need to feel a connection with our students – and then we can do the rest’, said Kate.

‘We’re not looking to provide mass market training – we’re looking to nurture, support and share our many combined years of real commercial and creative experience, in order to produce a small number of the very best, truly professional photographers.

‘We believe we are the first photography training company – in the current and competitive world of photography – to offer honest, proficient and current training from a full-time working pro photographer and videographer.  We’re out there doing it every single day, with real clients, running a real business – not just talking the talk.’

Foundation Programme Modules

The Foundation Programme – for which the next intake is September 2017 - focuses on learning and growing the skills needed to fast track into a confident business owner and photographer. Modules include:

·  Business Foundations & Building a Business

·  Branding & Marketing

·  Light

·  DSLR Filming

·  Video Post Production

·  Photographic Principles

·  Selling

·  Composition

·  Expression & Posing

·  Portfolio Building

·  Post production & workflow

·  Strategic Partnerships

·  Legal Structure & Accounting

Continuing the journey…

The training and support offered by Training byLumiere, doesn’t stop when students leave the shoot or the classroom.  Graduates may then be offered the opportunity to second shoot alongside Kate and Brent – gaining first hand, real, experience as part of the Training byLumiere Team.

‘These days, we see so many photographers only ever having shot ‘styled shoots’ prior to selling themselves as a wedding photographer.  Clearly styled shoots remain an important way to build photography, posing and directing skills, but only ever shooting under perfectly controlled conditions - with models and without time (or emotional!) pressure - simply isn’t a valid experience.  It doesn’t equip you for a real life wedding situation and it dilutes both the quality of photographers and images out there,’ continued Kate.

‘We think it’s absolutely crucial – and our responsibility – to give our students ‘real’ experience before they fly the Training byLumiere nest.  Working alongside Brent and I, they may assist on lifestyle, boudoir and commercial shoots, and only when truly ready may second shoot with us at a wedding.

‘It’s the combination of training, support, mentoring and real life experience - in business, photography and film-making that we offer, which we feel is over and above any other training company in the UK.’

The next intake for the Training byLumiere Foundation Course is September 2017 and there are limited places available. For full details of both the Foundation Course and programme of workshops throughout the year, visit the website here.