Ricoh unveils 360° Theta M15

Ricoh has updated its Theta imaging device, which allows users to capture a full 360° view without having to be moved or rotated. The Theta M15 can capture stills or movies of up to three minutes, which can then be shared using Wi-Fi connectivity. The colourful devices will go on sale next month and you can find out more by reading the press release below:

The New RICOH THETA – capture 360-degree images and videos in just one shot

RICOH IMAGING UK has today announced a new model of the RICOH THETA – the RICOH THETA m15. This incredible device allows users to capture the area all around them – not forgetting above and below – all in a single spherical image. But that’s not all; this new spherical camera can also capture spherical videos!

Since the launch of the original RICOH THETA last year, the world's first image input device[1] has opened a new world of imaging possibilities. Users can now shoot game changing spherical images and video at any time, capturing more than they ever imagined.

The RICOH THETA m15, can now capture spherical videos up to three minutes in length with no stitch lines so you can share footage with your contacts that will make them feel like they're right there! This new model also enables Wi-Fi transfer at a rate almost twice as fast as the previous model yet all in the same small, lightweight and easy-to-carry design as before.

This new model is available in blue, pink, white and yellow, making the RICOH THETA even more fun and attractive device to carry around every day.

From the 14th November 2014, an API and SDK (beta version) will be released on site to allow users to develop their own apps and add new exciting capabilities to their RICOH THETA.

Price: £269.99
Availability: 14th November 2014

[1] The first consumer product that allows the entire area around the user to be captured in one shot, instead of simply taking horizontal panoramas or semi-spherical shots. (As of October 2013. Ricoh research)