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  • Fantastic time had by all at Photo 24: 2016

     Record attendance and an action-packed schedule made for a fabulous 24 hours

  • Photo 24 FAQS

    Photo 24

    Photo 24 FAQs

    What is Photo 24?

    Photo 24 is a 24-hour photography shoot around London organized by Photography News, in association with Fujifilm. The idea is to challenge yourself to take creative shots of the capital, in the company of other photography enthusiasts. But it is meant to be fun too so work hard but enjoy it too.

    When is Photo 24?

    Photo 24 starts at 12 noon on Saturday 1 July, and finishes at 12 noon on Sunday 2 July. You might want to arrive a bit earlier to sign in and collect your Photo 24 Passport.

    How much does Photo 24 cost?

    Photo 24 is free. What’s included for free: The Photo 24 Passport, entry wristbands, meet-ups, photo walks, shooting tips, Fujifilm camera loan (a driving licence is needed as a deposit) and a souvenir T-shirt for everyone who attends the final debrief at noon, 2 July. You will have to pay for your own transport to and around London, accommodation if you’re not pulling an all-nighter, and our optional events.

    Will I get a confirmation email for the optional events?

    No, unfortunately we don’t send out confirmation emails. When you pay by Paypal, you will receive a confirmation of payment, and so do we, so we can see exactly who has paid for which events.

    The camera I use isn’t a Fujifilm – is that a problem?

    Not at all. Photographers of all brand preferences are welcome – this is a photography event, not a camera event. However, if you are a Fujifilm owner and need technical support, expert advice will be on-hand. Fujifilm will also be bringing a selection of its latest cameras including the X-T2 and the medium-format GFX so Photo 24-ers can try them in real situations. To loan a camera you need to leave a valid driving licence as a deposit.

    I can’t join Photo 24 until later on Saturday – what do I do?

    If you can’t make it for the briefing at midday on Saturday, don’t worry. Once the briefing is over at around 1pm, we have the room all day so just turn up at the meeting point.

    When will you be releasing the schedule of events?

    Details of the initierary for the full 24 hours will be released at a later date and sent to successful applicants, who also receive a Photo 24 Passport.

    Do I have to stick to the itinerary?

    Photo 24 is designed to be flexible, so you are welcome to spend the time however you like. Feel free to drop into one of the Fujifilm stations, or join one of the free photo walks but if you to visit locations that aren’t in the itinerary, grab a buddy and go for it! There is also no obligation to power through the entire 24 hours – we understand if you need a nap, but don’t forget to book a B&B. For the troopers that make it to the Saturday debrief, there will be souvenir T-shirts. (TBC)

    What should I bring to Photo 24?

    We recommend you pack sensibly, and don’t bring anything unnecessary. Crucially, remember comfy shoes, a waterproof, phone and power pack/spare battery and a water bottle. Photography equipment: DSLR or CSC body, standard zoom, wide-angle zoom and telezoom lenses, remote release, polariser and spare batteries. A tripod is obviously a good thing but go for travel tripod if you have one to keep bulk down.

    I’m coming on my own, but I’d like to wander around with someone – what do I do?

    We understand that coming to a 24-hour event in London can be quite daunting, so if you would like find a Photo 24 ‘buddy’, there’s no better time than at the briefing or during the first-timers photo walk. Let us know if you’re searching for a Photo 24 buddy, and we can arrange to get you paired up with someone on the day.

    Do I have to do the full 24 hours?

    There is no obligation to do the full 24 hours and we understand if you need some beauty sleep. If you are planning on a sleep, we recommend booking a B&B as soon as you can!

    Will I be sent tickets for the optional activities I’ve booked?

    No you won’t receive a ticket prior to going to the attraction. When you sign in at Photo 24 you will receive a colour-coded wristband for each activity that you’ve booked.

    What do we do during the night?

    Photo 24 is yours to do what you want and it is up to you whether you take part in the night walk, get a nap or go on a night shoot. Five Tube lines run all night on Saturday evening – the Jubilee, Victoria, Northern, Piccadilly and most of Central. If you plan to use the Night Tube, please buddy up.

    What if I get separated from the group?

    If by the rare chance you find you’re alone in London there are several things you can do: return to the registration hotel as there is likely to be someone there you can buddy up with or we will have a mobile phone number you can call. This number will be provided at the briefing.

    What about event safety?

    Photo 24 involves a mix of public and private locations, roads, footpaths and the interior and exterior of buildings. Photographers take part in all activities during the 24 hours at their own risk, to themselves and their equipment. We advise participants to take care crossing roads and in busy locations, to prepare for the weather with appropriate clothing, and to bring food and drink.

    London Metropolitan Police advise the following:

    In this period of heightened alert, it is vital to remain vigilant, trust your instincts and report possible terrorist activity to the police.

    Look for anything that seems out of the ordinary, such as:

    • People in stationary vehicles watching a building or structure
    • Vehicles moving slowly near public buildings, structures or bridges, or parked in suspicious circumstances
    • People using recording equipment, including camera phones, or seen making notes or sketches of security details
    • Someone suspicious paying close attention to specific entry and exit points, stairwells, hallways or fire escapes
    • People loitering at or near premises for long periods and watching staff, visitors and deliveries for no apparent reason
    • People asking detailed or unusual questions about buildings and business operations, facilities (such as room layouts), security or parking for no apparent reason
    • Challenge those in offices and ‘off limits’ areas, plant rooms and similar – report matters immediately to your security manager or dial 999

    If you’ve witnessed any of the above, trust your instincts and report it using our online tool or call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. Our specially trained officers will take it from there.

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